FavoWeb is ALD's FRACAS Platform, web-based and user configurable
Failure Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Action System (FRACAS).
FavoWeb FRACAS captures and analyze information about equipment
throughout the equipment life cycle,
from design, testing, assembly and maintenance operation.
FavoWeb is a pivotal tool in making reliability, maintainability
and availability decisions regarding your equipment.
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Supported FeaturesTRY FREE FRACAS

Professional FRACAS

Enterprise FRACAS

Core Modules
Product Families Management
Assets Management
Failure/Incident/Event Management
Corrective Action (CA) Process
Return Materials Authorization (RMA)
Bill of Materials (BOM)
Customer Care(ISR)
Configuration Management (CM)
Safety Management (SMS)
Product/Part Catalog
Quality Management (QM)
Serial Number (S/N) Traceability
FRACAS Advanced Analysis
Create Analytics and Statistical Reports
Reliability Growth
Problem Management
Lean 8D
FRACAS Customization
Multilingual Support
Add Product Family
Add Forms
Add Fields
Add Import Templates
Define Workflow Processes
Add Libraries (Predefined pick-list values)
Add Process Rules
Add Alerts & Notifications
Create Dashboards
Create Advanced Reports

FRACAS for Improving Reliability in Different Industries

Due to its flexibility and customizability FavoWeb can actually address almost any industry-specific needs.
Most of the manufacturing industries today are aware of the need to constantly improve their product.
This kind of improvement can be achieved only by useful failure analysis of the defects/events that have occurred in the past.
This kind of analysis will prevent those incidents from reoccurring, hence improving the product reliability, availability and quality.
Some industries are obligated by law or by regulations (FAA, FDA etc') to use and to implement a FRACAS solution during the design and production stage of their products.

The main target market consists of following key industries:

Our skilled team will work with you to implement our software in your organization through training and continues support.